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MUPS Refund Policy

Refund Policy (MUPS) provides a classifieds sales venue. The sales offers posted on the MUPS are posted by individuals and are not offered by the owner of MUPS. Therefore, this refund policy pertains to refunds of fees paid to MUPS for listing classified ads only. Buyers should consult the ads of the individual sellers directly for the individual's refund policy.

If you post a sales listing on MUPS, you will be charged a fee for listing enhancements such as having your listing appear in the "featured listing" section, having the text of your ad appear in bold or in color. In addition, you will be charged a percentage (commission) of the final selling price of your item. Charges for these services are added to your bill which will appear the account section of your member control panel, and are due and payable at the end of each month.

Fees for listing enhancements are non-refundable as the services they cover are provided and used immediately upon the listing of your classified ad. Commission fees that you are charged based upon the final price paid for your listed item are refundable if the transaction is not completed. If it has been at least fifteen days since a buyer has purchased your item and they have not paid or worked out a payment arrangement with you, you can use the "Request refund" link found in you member control panel to request a refund of these fees. Refunds will be issued in three forms depending on your circumstance. If the fee to be refunded is part of a bill that has not yet been paid, the fee will be deleted from your bill. If the fee appeared on a bill that has already been paid, your account will be credited for the amount of the fee and this credit can be applied to your next month's bill. If you no longer have an active selling account at MUPS, a refund will be issued via the payment type that was used to pay your monthly MUPS bill (check, online payment service, etc).

If you have questions about a charge that appears on your MUPS bill or regarding this refund policy, please open a support ticket at the MUPS helpdesk.

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