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Site News

To all of our Members - please have a look here:

(Please read the site news for full details)

Pls see the Special Christmas Event on MUPS here:

Participate and get 10USD to your Pantybid Account

Pls also see the Topic "Found a Non-Paying Buyer or a Bad Seller"

Actual Notice: All refunds has been done due to the fake Seller "jameson"

Many thanks again to all of you who give us a notice!

Alertpay has announced that they are no longer permitting their service to be used for adult items including used panties, videos, photos, or anything adult. In short, they have gone the way of PayPal and now even include freezing accounts and monetary fines if you are caught using them for adult transactions.

Luckily, MUPS users can tell Alertpay to their kiss their asses because sellers and buyers are MUPS have a better alternative that lets buyers use their credit cards and debit cards to buy panties. If you haven't read about this method, please see the news right below this news entry.

Great news! Buyers can now pay any MUPS seller with their credit card or debit card. Please read the site news for full details-

Sellers, besides Alertpay, we now have additional options for purchasing MUPS credits needed to clear your account balance. These options include credit cards. Please see the more in the MUPS announcement located here:

The MUPS sales area has been updated. Please read the site news here:

MUPS now has scheduled chat events in the video chat room. All members are welcome. Please see the MUPS site news here:
Hello All,
Please note that the MUPS Sales center has moved to a new server and URL. This move and domain change means that you will need to update any old links you may use to replace with This only applies to links to the sales area, not the main area of the MUPS site. For example:

If you want to give out an easy link to your store, or if you want to find a user's store quickly, just add the username to end of this url:
So for example, if you want to find CrimsonandClover's store, you would add "Crimsonandclover" to the url above so it looks like this:
Thank you,
Please note, MUPS now has minimal fees in effect in the sales area. If you have a debit balance in your account, it needs to be cleared (paid) on the 15th and 31st of each month. If your debit balance is over $2.00 you will automatically receive a reminder email asking you to clear your balance. Please pay attention to your debit balance and clear it promptly by the 15th and 31st. On the 16th and 1st, any accounts with a debit balance of $10.00 or more will be suspended until the balance is paid.

The 15th and the 31st are the must dates for balance clearing. However, you are also welcome to clear your balance at any time in between. The front page of your sales area Members Area shows your balance and provides a link to clear your balance. I have noticed that a few sellers are clearing their balance whenever they have a debit balance, and/or adding more credits to their accounts to keep their balance from going into the debit range. If you don't want the hassle of dealing with a larger debit balance twice a month, or worrying that you'll forget to pay the balance on the 15th or 31st, this "pay as you go" method that some are using might be something to consider.

If you have questions, please let me know. I have attached an image for reference.

Thank you,
Clear Balance

There will be some significant changes coming to in May.

These changes will affect all users usage of the site, membership and selling activities. These changes will also include modification of the terms of service.

A written announcement detailing all changes will be posted and accessible to all members before the changes are put in to place. However, I will be holding a "Town Hall" meeting live in the chat room to present the changes and to get member feedback on the proposed changes. Please try to attend and make sure to turn on your computer speakers as it will be much easier if the majority of the meeting can be held via voice. Town Hall Meeting

When: Sunday, April 11, 2010

Time: 11:00 am EST (New York Time)

Where: chat room

Host: PK - MUPS Administrator

If you use a direct payment method such as AlertPay, you can require payment within 30 minutes when a buyer uses Buy Out. For complete instructions on how to enable this, please click here:

If you want to give out an easy link to your store, or if you want to find a user's store quickly, just add the username to end of this url:

So for example, if you want to find CrimsonandClover's store, you would add "Crimsonandclover" to the url above so it looks like this:
Want even more attention and awareness of what you have to offer? See the news at:

You can use HTML and auction templates in your sales listings and Me page. There are many free auction templates found by searching on Google. When you are ready to use a template or html, just click the button that looks like this: < > under the eraser in the description editor when listing an item for sale or creating a Me page.

There have been many chages and additions to the sales area. Please read the complete description to make sure you take advange of all the great new features. You can find the complete description here:

One of My Used Panty Store's goals is to be a bull shit-free venue where people can have a nice, safe, and enjoyable time buying and selling panties and related goods. Please help us to keep the sales area here at My Used Panty Store free from people who aren't serious about completing transactions. My Used Panty Store has a one-strike policy. If someone buys your item and does not follow through, or sells you and item and does not send you what you paid for, there is no reason for them to remain here to have the chance to do it again to someone else.

Leaving bad feedback is a good start. However, we ask that you report the offender to us so that we can delete/ban the bad bidder/seller from the system. If you come across a problem with another user here, please make sure to report them via the MUPS helpdesk located at:

If you don't report them, we won't know about the problem! Thank you for assisting us with keeping MUPS a great place to buy and sell.

Some things to keep in mind:
Everything you need to use the MUPS selling area is located in the Member section. Make sure you explore everything there.
Before you do anything else, go to the member's area and complete the account section as it requests information not in your main MUPS profile. If you are a seller, you can set up your payment preferences in the account section as well.
Complete your profile section and your Me page.
If you are a seller, set up your store before you begin to list things for sale. Regular panty sellers should select the free store option, commercial sellers that sell new toys or professional adult videos will need to choose the commercial store option.
You can use html and html templates when you list your items for sale. Just click the "html" button in the description editor then paste the html into the new window that will open.
PM me if you need any help.
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